Iran Aircraft Carrier Mockup Update

The latest satellite imagery confirms that Iran floated out the aircraft carrier mockup during exercises in April but did not destroy it in targeting exercises as initially thought. Imagery from 07JUN14 shows ...

Forces on Russian Soil Fire Into Ukraine

The Obama administration stepped up pressure on Russia with another release of commercial satellite imagery in an attempt to stop the fighting and increase international support. However, considering how Putin squandered his ...

North Korea Opens Russian Financed Wharf

Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe shows the recently renovated wharf at North Korea’s Rajin Port located on the east coast. In an inaugural ceremony on 18JUL14, North Korea opened Wharf No. ...


An Arms Race in Northeast Asia?

James Hardy of IHS Jane’s briefly discuses a potential arms race in Northeast Asia, ...

Disappearing Imagery in Google Earth

It would appear that Google has started censoring some of its previously ...

Assessing the Damage in Gaza

UNOSAT recently acquired satellite imagery to analyze the increasing amounts of destruction in the northeastern ...

First Predator Spotted Over Iraqi Skies

Handheld footage appears to show a US Predator over the skies of ...

Air-to-Air Missile Market 2014-23

Senior Analyst Ben Goodlad of IHS Jane’s, a private intelligence firm, talks ...

China’s New SIGINT Station In Hong Kong

Ian Cameron writing for IHS Jane’s reports on the PLA’s  latest SIGINT station ...

Prior Reporting

Iran Finally Delivers Venezuela’s AFRAMAX Tanker

The latest satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe shows an empty dry dock at Iran’s Sadra Island shipyard located in Bushehr. In 2006, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) was in the market to buy 42 tankers to replace its fleet by the end of 2012. PDVSA’s objective was to transport 40% of the company’s production with its own fleet and ultimately […]

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Global Warming and Militarization of the Arctic

In this video, Dr Dylan Lee Lehrke talks briefly about global warming and the militarization of the Arctic region. With approximately 9-14% of sea ice disappearing each decade, a much faster rate than initially expected, there should be an ice free North Pole region around 2040. With limited capabilities to operate in the region, the US […]

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Africa: Algerian Kilo Update

According to a report from the ITAR-TASS news agency this week, Admiralty Shipyards Director-General Alexandre Bouzakov said that “The date of the start of construction of two [Project 636] submarines to… [Algeria] has been fixed, the contract is underway.” Interfax went on to say that the new submarines will be delivered by 2018 with a contract valued at more than $1.2 billion. […]

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Angola, Sudan, & Belarus’ 558th Aircraft Repair Plant

Recent satellite imagery from 04APR14 acquired by Astrium shows the former Indian Su-30K still at the Baranovichi-based 558th Aircraft Repair Plant. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. The sale of 18 x Su-30K from the Indian Air Force have bounced back and forth in the press with various countries being offered the aircraft at discounted rates. However, they […]

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India’s P-8I at INS Rajali, Tamil Nadu

Recent satellite imagery acquired by Astrium on 19 March 2014 shows one of India’s latest acquisitions, the multi-mission P-8I  maritime  patrol aircraft.   Parked on the apron at Tamil Nadu’s INS Rajali, India’s new platform is a variant of Boeing’s P-8A Poseidon originally built for the US Navy. Earlier this month, Boeing delivered the fourth P-8I to India on […]

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Chinese Activity in the Disputed Spratlys Confirmed

Satellite imagery acquired by Digital Globe from April 2014 confirms that China has been carrying out construction activity on the Johnson South Reef. If things couldn’t get any worse in the South China Sea, earlier today the Philippines publicly accused China of conducting land reclamation on the Johnson South Reef, located in the heart of the […]

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