Russia’s Project Altair Makes an Appearance at Kazan

It’s well known that Russia lags behind the rest of the world’s drone powers in a range of missions. Following Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008, it became clear that ...

Niger’s Su-25s Ready to Attack Militants

Satellite imagery from Digital Globe in late October depicts Niger’s two recently acquired Su-25 ground attack aircraft at Diori Hamani International Airport in Niamey. Both planes sit close to U.S. ...

Russian Radars Started Active Combat Duty in 2014

  Last month Major-General Oleg Maidanovich, the commander of Russia’s Space Command announced that four early warning radars began active combat duty in 2014. The long range Voronezh class radars ...


Kataib Hizbullah Convoy in Anbar Province

From the Long War Journal: The Hezbollah Brigades, or Kata’ib Hezbollah, receives ...

New Tech Could Reduce Illegal Fishing

  Recent reporting from the Economist highlights a new satellite-based surveillance center based in the ...

UAE Paves Drone Testing Strip

DigitalGlobe imagery from April 2014 shows a recently paved drone airstrip in ...

New Heliport on China’s Nanji Islands

IHS Jane’s has acquired imagery to confirm reports in December that China ...

Khushab Plutonium Production Complex

The above video from the Nuclear Threat Initiative provides a three dimensional ...

Indian Heron UAV Crashes in Gujurat

An Indian Air Force drone crashed on 26NOV14 near Mankuva village, a ...

Prior Reporting

Pakistan’s Non-Strategic Nuke Delivery Systems Growing

  Pakistan has one of the fastest growing nuclear stockpiles in the world. Islamabad refuses to release any information regarding its nuclear stockpile, but open sources suggest it possesses as many as 120 atomic warheads. And lately, Pakistan has been working hard to shrink the warheads’ size and fit them on smaller, more flexible tactical […]

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Iran’s Moudge Class Assembly at Bander Abbas

  Digital Globe imagery shows Iran making progress assembling ship modules brought out to the dry dock in January. According to measurements taken on imagery, Iran appears to be constructing another Moudge class frigate. The incomplete boat was located adjacent to the Sahand, another vessel in the series, which is still in the process of being […]

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ISOICO Shipyard Update

A quick imagery update from October 2014 shows some new developments at Iran’s ISOICO shipyard located near Bostanu. Imagery suggests that Iran is probably close to completing its first large dry dock since the one was built on Sadra island. Imagery shows an emptied dry dock and a caisson firmly in place suggesting the water pumps are […]

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NASA’s WB-57 Deploys to Africa

Digital Globe satellite imagery of the U.S. military base at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti, dated Sept. 20, depicts NASA’s WB-57 high-altitude aircraft on the recently-expanded auxiliary operations apron. The question is—why? What purpose does a scientific research plane have in visiting America’s main military outpost in Africa? One possible answer is … making maps for […]

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Chinese IL-78 Tanker Delivered

Mike Yeo writing for IHS Defense Weekly noted the delivery of at least one of three Ilyushin IL-78 MIDAS refueling tankers ordered by China from Ukraine. Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe in October shows the aircraft at the People’s Liberation Army Air Force Wuhan-Paozhuwan airbase in Hebei province. According to the report, China signed a contract to […]

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Islamic State Takes Former FOB in Anbar

Islamic State has now taken over the Iraqi military outpost on the outskirts of Hit, a former forward operating base (FOB) which previously housed the US military in Anbar province. Despite US-led airstrikes, Iraqi forces have found it difficult defending against Islamic State advances and recently abandoned one of the few remaining government outposts in […]

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